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Based on its mission statement, in the next five years ValuWaste (Pty) Ltd aims to advance the following objectives, namely to:

  1. embark on an import and export drive that will enable the companyto establish a presence in at least two countries in SADC and the other two in the ASEAN and EU in the first year and to expand this to 10 additional countries over the next five years
  2. establish strong partnerships with representatives in the selected target countries that will effectively represent and promote the company’s services in each of the target countries
  3. set up an effective and efficient export and import department that will be able to administer and drive the export/import activities of the company
  4. work towards becoming internationally competitive and to develop a global brand that will underpin both domestic and international business activities
  5. expand the range of products in its services each year, by introducing at least 2 new products and/or blends in its business activities
  6. sell at least R5 million worth of products in the first year and grow this value to R20 million by the end of the first five years of the company’s export business
  7. achieve an initial market share of at least 1%, increasing that by at least 0.25 % per year until reaching a final target of 2% by the end of the first five year
  8. maintain at least a solid growth rate of 10% per year for the next five years

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