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ValuWaste (Pty) Ltd is a company committed to sustainability and responsible business practices hence it adheres to the following principles of responsible business conduct:

  • Principle 1: Compliance with domestic legislation and fair business practices
  • Principle 2: Adherence to the 2000 UN Global Compact
  • Principle 3: Respect for human rights
  • Principle 4: Apply fair labour practice
  • Principle 5: Promote good corporate governance
  • Principle 6: Promote environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices
  • Principle 7: Ensure occupational health and safety
  • Principle 8: Development of regional markets and regional value chains
  • Principle 9: Promote corporate social responsibility
  • Principle 10: Promote the employment of local labour, skills development and technology transfer
  • Principle 11: Avoid engaging in corrupt and illegal activities
  • Principle 12: Compliance with tax laws and regulations

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